[Black Friday]RackNerd: VPS annual payment starts at $10.18 special offer

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Just after Double Eleven, RackNerd released another Black Friday discount. The Black Friday promotional products are more abundant, including VPS (including Intel and AMD Ryzen), virtual hosting, independent server rental, etc., among which the minimum annual payment for VPS starts at US$10.18, and the independent server The monthly payment starts at US$59, and you can choose from multiple computer rooms in Los Angeles, San Jose , Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, New York, etc. This time, we also added random instant discounts for orders, and support the use of PayPal, credit cards, Alipay, etc. for payment. RackNerd was founded in 2019. The products it provides include virtual hosts, VPS, Hybrid Dedicated Servers and independent server rentals. Among them, the cheap VPS series has attracted the most attention, and merchants have also developed self-service IP replacement functions.

Intel series (optional for multiple computer rooms such as Los Angeles/ San Jose /Seattle)

KVMsingle core768MB15GB1TB/1Gbps$10.18/yearClick to buy
KVMsingle core2GB30GB2.5TB/1Gbps$16.98/yearClick to buy
KVMDual-core2.5GB50GB5TB/1Gbps$25.49/yearClick to buy
KVMDual-core4GB80GB8TB/1Gbps$38.88/yearClick to buy
KVMQuad core4.5GB115GB10TB/1Gbps$52.49/yearClick to buy

AMD Ryzen series (New York computer room, AMD Ryzen 9 7950X)

kvmsingle core1.5GB30GB2.5TB/1Gbps$19/yearClick to buy
kvmDual-core2GB40GB4TB/1Gbps$29/yearClick to buy
kvmDual-core3GB55GB6TB/1Gbps$45/yearClick to buy

Dedicated server

engine roomCPUMemoryharddiskflowIPv4Buy
New YorkE3-1240v232GB2*2TB(HDD)30TB/1Gbps13$59/month
Utah2*E5-2630V464GB12*8TB(HDD)1Gbps unlimited5$159/month
Multi-machine room station groupE3-1240V216GB1TB(SSD)30TB/1Gbps4C/8C/16C$140/month
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